Zombie Killing Call of Killers Hack Cheats Guide for Bucks and Gems

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Are you looking for Zombie Killing: Call of Killers Hack Cheats Guide for unlimited Bucks and Gems?

Zombie Killing Call of Killers Hack:

Well, Zombie Killing: Call of Killers is developed by “Italic Games,” which has 10 million installs from Google Play Store and is no#1 game in its Zombies killing category.

Zombie Killing: Call of Killers Story revolve around the year 2048, when a deadly virus gets unleashed. People become zombies, and Govt did not a response to the situation.

Now, you must wipe the zombies to clear your neighborhood and make your city zombie-free. Kill zombies and clear mission, earn game money bucks and gems, and keep upgrading your weapon.

Zombie Killing Call of Killers has many unique features which make it the best zombie game, some of them are as follows

Features of Zombie Killing Call of Killers Game

  • Stunning Graphics with immersive audio quality
  • Great responsive touch screen controls
  • More than 45+ levels and mission
  • More than 25+ awesome guns to try and upgrade
  • Kill zombies and complete mission
  • The game has in-app purchase


Top 05 methods of Zombie Killing Call of Killers hacks and cheats to get free bucks and gems

Method 1 # daily login to get a free spin

Zombie Killing: Call of Killers is designed is such a way that it rewards the daily players, who keep on coming back to a clear mission. You will get a free spin, which will fetch you free goodies and other game items which can help you clear your mission.

Do not forget to log in daily, as these free spin or game goodies will help you clearing difficult missions. Login daily also ensures that you are updated with new releases and events.

Method 2 # Earn free Bucks and Gems

Earn free game bucks and gems when you level up or when you clear any mission. Keep hunting all the zombies in the game and complete your mission to level up fast.

Ensure that you have clear zombies in the stipulated time and ammunition. A mission can fail if zombies came near you and started beating you.

Method 3 # kill zombies with a headshot

One of the top Zombie Killing: Call of Killers hack is to shoot zombies at its head; this is called headshot which gives critical damage. Headshot ensures easy zombies killing and also ensure you use less ammunition to kill any zombie.

If you kill any zombies with a headshot, the game will reward you with points and game currency bucks. So, if you want to clear any mission faster than start shooting zombies at the head.

Method 4 # Keep upgrading your main weapon

Success in Zombie Killing: Call of Killers, depends on your main weapon, which means you need to keep on upgrading your weapon to wipe all zombies. Upgrading your weapon also ensures than you get a more powerful weapon with less recoil.

Method 5 # Use fence as the first line of defense

Zombie Killing: Call of Killers game includes the use of fences in many games; do not ignore this option and keep on using this first line of defense. Wire fence will stop zombies for some time, in which you can easily kill them.

Whenever you are faced with hordes of zombies or a big army of zombies, try to headshot the first zombies which are near to you. Always start targeting those zombies who are near to you first. After that, you can target the far away from one.

Final words

So, these are the Zombie Killing Call of Killers Hack Cheats Guide for Bucks and Gems. You can use all the top 05 methods to clear your mission fast and get unlimited game bucks and gems.


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